Subscription support

Subscription support is providing regular legal support to your business. You will be able to deal promptly with any legal issues arising in the course of your activities and will always be fully accompanied by lawyers. 

What does the service include?

We offer legal support in the following areas:

  1. Contractual work.
    GMT Legal will help develop contracts to support your operations, negotiate with your clients and counterparties to advocate your interests at the pre-contract stage. We will also assist with evaluating your performance to see if additional contracts are needed for your performance and to optimize it. This area also includes preparing documents for the site and keeping them up-to-date in connection with the development of the site functionality.
  2. Corporate support
    GMT Legal will help you to choose the most appropriate structure of legal entities to support your activities, register such legal entities both in the Russian Federation and abroad, develop local normative legal acts and monitor their relevance, hold meetings of company participants/shareholders, develop legal schemes for attracting investment for business, prepare contracts for attracting investment and accompany negotiations on attracting investment, as well as resolve other issues in the field of corporate law.
  3. Intellectual property.
    GMT Legal’s lawyers will conduct a legal audit of the intellectual property underlying the client’s activities, assess the prospects and need for additional security measures for such objects. If necessary, we will carry out registration actions with respect to your intellectual property in order to ensure its comprehensive protection, as well as prepare claims and defend your interests in intellectual property rights litigations.
  4. Business organization consultancy.
    GMT Legal will provide oral and written advice, including the preparation of analytical briefs and legal opinions, on the organization and conduct of client activities. Such consultancy will provide the client with a better understanding of the risks that the business may face in the course of its operations and avoid most of them.

The composition of services for each group of services and the number of hours are individual and tailored to the needs of the client, creating a flexible and convenient opportunity to get the most from lawyers without overpaying.

Advantages of legal support

  1. You do not need to train a staff of lawyers, as GMT Legal employs specialists with extensive experience who quickly adjust to the needs of your business.
  2. As part of the service, you are assigned a personal lawyer who will be available to answer any questions you may have as part of the escort. Unlike a hired lawyer, your personal lawyer will have the entire staff of our company behind you, allowing you to access the experience and skills of the team by interacting with one person.
  3. As part of the service, you will have access to a variety of legal queries, whereas individual lawyers generally specialize in only one area of law.
  4. Legal services are useful both for companies that have in-house lawyers - in which case we will close those areas of the company where your in-house lawyers do not have experience - and for companies that do not have in-house lawyers - in which case we will take full responsibility for managing legal matters. 
  5. The hourly cost of lawyers working under legal support is lower than the hourly cost of a one-time service of up to 50%, and in some cases subscription support is also possible without limiting the number of hours, allowing the client to close an unlimited number of tasks for the same amount.

Who might benefit

Small and medium-sized businesses:
You don't have a lawyer or your lawyer can't handle the ever-increasing volume of legal tasks? We will help to structure your operations in a way that reduces or eliminates legal risks to you and, without considering formalities, build your business.

Big business:
You have a legal staff, but you plan to develop a new area of activity related to the digital economy (fintech, blockchain solutions, solutions related to digital financial assets or digital currency), our company will be happy to provide legal support for such a project.


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