Service packages

Service packages

“Service packages” are a set of services provided to the client in order to comprehensively resolve his request. We have formed them based on the most popular and frequently occurring requests, but in each specific case we can also individually discuss individual options in the packages.

Benefits of service packages

  1. Service packages are built by specialists with many years of experience in the field of consulting, which allows us to take into account all the client’s needs related to a specific request and are especially useful when the client only has a general idea of his request.
  2. Package services can be customized to meet the specific needs of the client, providing a personalized approach to solving their problems.
  3. Shorter total period for providing services.
  4. Lower total cost of providing services.
  5. The ability to understand the budget for solving a request in advance.
  6. Dedication of a personal lawyer who will answer all questions that arise during the provision of services.
  7. A complex approach. Clients receive a full range of services from a law firm, which helps solve diverse and complex problems at once.


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