Under a supply contract, one party hands over the goods, and the other party undertakes to accept and pay for them. An important feature of this contract is its subject composition, as well as the purposes of its conclusion. To minimize the risks of both parties, it is important to determine all the features of the goods that are significant for the buyer, as well as to provide for all the terms of delivery (transfer of ownership, terms of transportation, liability of the parties, etc.).

Our company has extensive experience in working with a supply contract not only in the domestic market, but also within the framework of foreign economic activity. We will help you determine the moment of transfer of risks in relation to goods, record in detail the procedure for delivery and payment, as well as take into account the pitfalls associated with the acceptance of goods, and in the case of a cross-border supply contract, choose the most suitable delivery basis for you, assess the risks of non-payment for goods due to the current sanctions pressure on the Russian Federation and Russian entities. GMT Legal's competitive advantage is its experience in working with various business sectors. This allows us to create individual and tailored documents for each client.