Service contracts, including contracts for marketing campaigns

Under a service contract, one party performs the services specified in the contract, and the other party pays for them. The subject of the contract is the performance of actions that must be described in sufficient detail and clearly so that the parties had no conflicts in the course or as a result of performance. It is very important to correctly draw up the contract and provide for the rules of delivery and acceptance and payment for the service to minimize the risks of both parties.

Our company specializes in the execution of contracts for the provision of services, including contracts for marketing campaigns. We will help you to record in detail the procedure for the provision of services and their acceptance, assess the risks associated with potential non-performance of the contract, as well as ensure a fair or suitable distribution of rights and obligations under the contract. The competitive advantage of GMT Legal is its experience in working with various business sectors, which allows us to create individual and customized documents for every client.

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