In Russia's current economic environment, understanding the framework within which you can conduct your business activities plays the key role in maintaining the legal security of your business. Legal opinion allows this understanding to emerge. GMT Legal, with its extensive experience in corporate practice, provides professional services in the field of legal analysis in compliance with Russian laws.

When is a legal opinion on business organization and operation necessary?

A legal opinion may be required in various cases, as it is not safe to make a strategy for the company's activities without taking into account legal risks. Such cases may include:

  • structuring the process of acquiring or selling a company;
  • attracting investors;
  • entering new markets;
  • opening of new branches and subdivisions of a legal entity in Russia or abroad. 

What is included in the service?

Our lawyers thoroughly analyze each client's case to ensure that the preparation of a legal opinion is most effective. In the process of drafting a legal opinion, GMT Legal specialists support you at all stages from the moment of defining the legal situation, setting specific tasks and writing the first scientific and legal analysis of the situation to the result in the form of a final document, which includes both practical recommendations and visual materials in the form of charts, graphs and tables, allowing to form a better understanding of the situation for the client.

Advantages of cooperation with us

By cooperating with us, you get a comprehensive legally correct approach to managing your issue, in-depth legal expertise, understanding of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the rights of foreign countries, timely effective result in the form of a written opinion, maximizing the specifics of your transaction or a contract, as well as high-quality and prompt legal support of your company at all stages.