Consulting on compliance with advertising legislation

In today's business environment, the compliance issues with advertising laws are becoming increasingly important. To avoid negative consequences associated with advertising violations, entrepreneurs and marketers are advised to seek professional advice from lawyers specializing in this area.

What is advertising?

Advertising is information that is disseminated in different ways and forms. It is designed to capture the attention of a wide audience, create interest in the product or service being promoted, and help them successfully introduce themselves to the market. However, it is necessary to evaluate the circumstances in each case, taking into account the explanations from the FAS.

Who is subject to advertising regulation

Advertising regulation applies to a variety of entities, including companies, individuals and advertising agencies. These rules apply to anyone who creates, places or uses advertising, regardless of their size or ownership. Thus, anyone involved in the process of creating and distributing advertisements shall comply with the legal regulations established for this area.

Liability for non-compliance with advertising legislation

Failure to comply with advertising laws may result in a variety of legal consequences, including fines, administrative penalties or even criminal sanctions, depending on the severity of the violation. In addition, companies or individuals who violate advertising regulations may face reputational and financial losses. Therefore, compliance with advertising legislation is essential for avoiding negative consequences and to maintain legal purity in advertising activities.

The role of lawyers in the field of advertising

Lawyers specializing in advertising law play an important role in ensuring that advertising practices were legal and ethical. They not only monitor the compliance of advertising materials with the laws, but also help protect the interests of clients in case of conflicts with regulatory authorities or other market participants.

Our lawyers also specialize in reviewing the advertising contracts and agreements. We can help you evaluate and analyze the terms of advertising contracts, ensuring compliance with the law and protecting your advertising interests. Our work is to ensure that your advertising agreements were legally sound and secure, preventing the potential risks and conflicts. Contact us to review and advise on advertising contracts to ensure that they are legal and effective.

What do we offer?

Our lawyers have the experience and expertise to provide expert advice and assistance in a variety of advertising law matters in the areas of electronic commerce (e-commerce) as well as IT development. We are here to help ensure the safety and success of your promotional activities, as well as provide support in the event of legal issues. Contact us to ensure that all legal aspects of your advertising campaign are adhered to.

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