GMT Legal provides comprehensive services to support the process of business licensing in various areas of activity. Obtaining a license is extremely important, as doing business without the necessary documents can lead to fines and even closure of the company. Our service consists of supporting the registration of necessary permits and licenses in various jurisdictions for limited liability companies (LLC) and other forms of companies to conduct certain types of activities, including brokerage and gambling licenses, licenses for cryptocurrency platforms, payment systems and other areas.

Costs for licenses for specific types of activities

The cost of obtaining a license varies depending on the specifics of the particular activity and jurisdiction. Prices for support of the licensing process are set based on the number of hours required to prepare all application documentation, taking into account the requirements of regulators and the complexity of the procedure for approval of documents with the regulator. Our company assists in the process of obtaining a license, using an individual specific approach to each client, determining the best rates and offering unique support for the process of obtaining a license.

Types of activities requiring a license

There are a number of specific activities that require a license. For example, cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers, brokerage services, gambling business, payment systems, and running investment funds. Each type of activity presupposes compliance with specific legal requirements and norms, upon satisfaction of which a company may be licensed. It is also important to note that different jurisdictions have their own requirements for licensing these activities. Therefore, before launching a business (in the form of an LLC or other), it is recommended that the entrepreneur determined the type of activity and then consulted with a specialist who will inform him about the requirements in obtaining a license for a particular activity. Our company offers assistance and comprehensive support of the process of obtaining a license in various jurisdictions.

Principles of business licensing

Business licensing is based on the following principles:

  • Compliance with legal requirements. Licensing confirms that a company's business complies with all federal and local regulations.
  • Ensuring accountability. Obtaining a license ensures that a legal entity is responsible for the quality and safety of its services.
  • Transparency in operations. Licensing confirms that a legal entity conducted transparent activities, which is especially important in areas related to financial transactions and work with confidential information.

Our company includes a full range of licensing support services, from consulting and document preparation to interaction with government agencies and support at all stages of obtaining a license. We guarantee a personalized approach and maximum efficiency in solving your business licensing needs.