Obtaining financial licenses

GMT Legal is engaged in supporting the procedure of obtaining financial licenses in various jurisdictions. We take a personalized approach and tailor the best strategy for the client. The work process begins with a business case study and analysis of specific financial licensing needs. We conduct a comprehensive review of the company's existing operations to determine the best way for successful obtaining of the necessary licenses.

Our service includes the following steps:

  • Preliminary assessment: analyzing the client's current situation and identifying potential risks and opportunities.
  • Strategic planning: development of a detailed action plan, including selection of jurisdiction and license type.
  • Documentation preparation: obtaining and compiling all the necessary documents and forms required for the licensing process.
  • Communication with authorized bodies: representing the client before state authorities and licensing committees.
  • Ongoing support: advice and support throughout the entire process of obtaining a license and after its completion.

Our advantages

We have a number of critical strengths, including a highly skilled team, a deep understanding of international financial markets, and efficient and transparent interaction with the client.
We offer comprehensive and quality financial licensing services, ensuring the success and growth of projects in the dynamic world of financial services.

Types of financial licenses

Licenses for financial services are divided into several types, each of them corresponding to a certain area of activity, let us list the most commonly used areas:

  • Broker's license. This authorization allows companies to act as an intermediary in the stock markets, conducting securities transactions on behalf of the clients.
  • The license of the operator of money transfer services. This authorization allows to receive, issue and conduct direct money transfers (finances) between the accounts of individuals and companies, to carry out e-money issuance activities, as well as operations with payment cards and e-wallets.
  • Cryptocurrency license. This authorization is required for companies - providers of services related to cryptocurrency, in particular the exchange, storage, transfer of cryptocurrencies and others.
  • Forex License. It is required for companies operating in the forex market, offering services for trading currencies and other financial instruments.
  • Banking License. It authorizes a wide range of banking operations, including lending activities, deposit taking and private banking.
  • License for investment fund managers.  This authorization allows you to manage assets and conduct investment operations in the securities market.
  • License for microfinance organizations. Needed for microcredit and other types of short-term lending.
  • Licenses for insurance activities. Such authorizations allow for various types of insurance, including life and property insurance.

When do I need a financial license?

A financial activity license is required when a company plans to carry out operations related to the management of clients' money and assets, conduct investment operations, provide the brokerage services or investment advice. Without the appropriate license, such activities are considered illegal and subject to strict regulatory sanctions.

Main requirements for obtaining a license for financial services

To obtain a financial license, a company must meet a number of requirements, including the following:

  • Financial stability: availability of sufficient capitalization and financial reserves.
  • Transparency of operations: clear documentation of all operations and transactions.
  • Qualified staff: availability of employees with the appropriate level of qualification and experience in the financial sector.
  • Compliance with anti-money laundering regulations: effective systems in place to monitor financial transactions.

In addition to the requirements mentioned above, a detailed business plan describing the proposed activities, management structure, risk management measures and internal control systems must also be submitted in order to obtain a license. Having a robust system in place to protect customer information and data is also critical.

Cost of obtaining a license

The cost of obtaining a financial license depends on many factors, including the jurisdiction chosen, the type of license, and whether the client and the client's employees have the proper experience. In addition to direct government and regulatory fees, companies may face additional costs for legal support, development of internal policies and security systems, infrastructure development and staff training. Such expenditures may be required in order to improve the efficiency of the company's operations and ensure compliance with the established standards.

Our company will help to determine the cost of obtaining a financial license for a specific project.

Popular jurisdictions for obtaining a license

The choice of jurisdiction for obtaining a license depends on the company's objectives and the specifics of its activities. For example, Puerto Rico and Luxembourg suit for banks and financial counseling. Cyprus offers advantages for companies operating in the forex market and the market of classical financial instruments. Singapore and Hong Kong are interesting for banking licenses, UK and Switzerland for brokerage and investment licenses. These countries offer developed financial infrastructure and favorable conditions for international business.

Each of these jurisdictions has its own peculiarities with respect to the regulation of financial activities, which should be taken into account when choosing a country for obtaining a license.

GMT Legal's service is to support the obtaining of financial licenses. We help clients find the optimal solution that fits their business model and growth strategy.

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