New Frontiers for ICOs - Initial Exchange Offerings

06. 06. 2020
New Frontiers for ICOs - Initial Exchange Offerings

Constantly developing industry that attracts more attention with each year went to a new stage of its development and opened the way for new models of initial investment into blockchain technology. One of these models is the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) that we’ll be talking about in this article.

Initial Exchange Offering


Initial Exchange Offering is a form of token sale conducted by cryptocurrency exchange on behalf of the token issuer. Token issuers are the companies issuing assets to attract necessary capital. The fact that the exchange acts as an intermediate between an investor and company allows transforming developed relationships into a regulatory environment with security, transparency, and flexibility as competitive advantages.

IEO Value for Business


  • By choosing an exchange for IEO the project turns the users of the exchange into potential investors thus reducing additional costs for marketing.
  • Projects conducting IEO are more recognized due to the established reputation of the exchange and legal due diligence it does.
  • Exchange listing. Automatic listing on the exchange that conducted IEO once investments rounds had finished.
  • PR\Marketing campaigns run with the exchange increase audience engagement and sales efficiency. Maximum publicity among enthusiasts and investors from the industry is a guarantee.


One of this model’s pioneer is Binance Launchpad. It proved it’s possible to achieve success with IEO. Companies can place their products on the platform, utilize all its advantages and get the most positive results at the same time. This trend was later picked up by EXMO, Huobi and BIttrex.


Legal Support

There is a range of legal requirements that have to be met for a project to access Initial Exchange Offering.  Usually, IEO has an experienced team of engineers, technologists, programmers, business strategists that conduct an initial assessment of a project according to a number of criteria.

GMT Legal acts as an intermediary providing full legal support for IEO. The main package of services includes:


  • Development of a corporate structure to conduct the IEO process;
  • Assistance in the selection of token model;
  • Preparation of all required documentation for your project;
  • Legal support of KYC / AML procedures, verification of marketing materials in order to ascertain its compliance with the law;
  • Legal support after IEO.



“GMT Legal” partner says the following:

“ IEO market is the area of our professional interest. We have vast experience behind our backs in consulting and organizing ICO projects. Now we’re following market trends and that’s why the IEO model attracted our attention from the moment appeared. Our main services cover the development of the project structure, necessary documentation, agreements with banks, examination of tax and financial expenditures, negotiations with exchanges, providing the necessary documentation to meet their requirements, choice of optimal timeframes and conditions to attract investments and for further promotion. Thanks to our partners at Listing. Help we now have a clear understanding of requirements for IEO. We are a project with great infrastructure and a profound experience. Our legal due diligence will allow you and your business to conduct rounds of Initial Exchange Offering with such industry giants as Binance Launchpad, Bittrex and Huobi!”

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