IT and Fintech legal support

We will reduce risks and increase effectiveness of your business. We will:

  • Provide comprehensive legal support to your project
  • We will help you determine the preferred jurisdiction for the project and open a bank account.
  • We will reduce the tax risks of the project and develop a convenient corporate governance framework.
  • We will draw up company charters and obtain all the necessary licenses.
  • We will carry out the compliance of the project, develop and agree on the stages of KYC / AML.
  • We will conduct a legal audit of White-Paper and project marketing for blocking risks.
  • We will help you pass the Howey test and remove the risk of the project token being recognized as a security.
  • We will draw up general terms and conditions of the project, a privacy policy and an agreement for the sale of SAFT tokens.
  • We will develop agreements and rules for the use of Internet services (license agreements, Terms & Conditions)
  • We will help you comply with the laws in information technology and processing of personal data.


Moscow, Russia

Address: 101000, Moscow, Armenian lane, 7; Phone: +7 (495) 646-646-3

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Address: 197101, St. Petersburg, Leo Tolstoy street, 1-3

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