IT and FinTech business legal support

We will reduce risks and increase effectiveness of your business. We will:

  • Provide comprehensive legal support to your project
  • Draft necessary documentation and create originator structure comfortable for potential investors
  • Provide compliance services relevant to all applicable IT-related and personal data processing laws and regulations
  • Develop agreements and terms of use for internet-based services (license agreements, terms and conditions)
  • Agree company corporate structure with investors and business angels


GMT Legal helps to develop your business by obtaining necessary licenses.

We will prepare a set of documents for license application and take complete all required actions before the authorities. We will provide support in relation to authorities’ inspections.

Our team will help you to interact with foreign regulators and to deal with most complex business matters.

Intellectual property law

Our IP practice lawyers will help you to:

  • Audit, register, transfer and use intellectual property rights
  • Represent you before the patent office
  • Resolve intellectual-property related matters and disputes
  • Draft license agreements and IP rights transfer agreements
  • Create full set of documents for your franchising operations
  • Prevent disclosure of corporate secrets by drafting non-disclosure agreements and general confidentiality terms
  • Comply with advertisement regulations
  • Conduct due diligence of intellectual property assets

Brand name protection on the Internet

A brand is a landmark of your business.

We will protect your trademark, service mark and company name (firm name or commercial name). We will prevent the illegal distribution of your digital content as well as any other intellectual property.

We will locate and block pirated works.

Tax law

GMT Legal works with dozens of clients assisting them in tax matters no matter how complicated

We are capable of:

  • Analyzing clients’ tax activity compliance to the legislation in force and court practice
  • Developing tax optimization schemes
  • Assisting with on-site tax inspections and contesting their results
  • Preparing responses and clarifications for tax authorities during documentary tax audits
  • Mitigating tax risks related to major transactions, conducting due diligence
  • Court representation and challenging of tax authorities’ or officers’ decisions

Corporate law

Our corporate practice lawyers’ expertise will help you solve most complex matters of Russian and international law. Experience in M&A and record of work in Great Britain, Singapore and USA is a key to successful deals and security of your projects.

We monitor changes in legislation and regulatory practice to ensure your project’s compliance with regulatory authorities’ requirements.

  • Corporate finance
  • Legal support of investment
  • M&A support
  • Private equity
  • Due diligence
  • Incorporation, reorganization and winding-up of companies
  • Advice on competition and banking regulations
  • Licensing support for any activity
  • Corporate conflict resolution

GMT Legal is an advisor to foreign companies entering Russian market

Dispute resolution

GMT Legal helps clients to successfully win cases and protects their interests. We provide support for pre-trial phase, conciliation and in commercial (arbitrazh) courts and general courts. Our experts are capable of assisting you in mediation and private arbitration.

We take part in administrative proceedings related to debt recovery, protect our clients’ rights in real estate and intellectual property and resolve corporate conflicts. We also represent our clients in labour disputes.

  • Pre-trial dispute resolution and support in negotiations
  • Mediation
  • International and private arbitration
  • Commercial court practice
  • Labour disputes
  • Enforcement of foreign judgements
  • Debt recovery
  • Tax and customs disputes